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November 10, 2020 allwyn

I have Home Insurance am I still covered if my home is Flooded ?

This is a question I get almost daily in our agency and although seems to be quite easy to understand many insured get confused most of the time.   Home Insurance and Flood Insurance are 2 types of policies. The reason why this might be confusing is becuase many homeowners believe homeowners policy will cover all the damages caused by a hurrican or even other damages such as fire.   Many homeowners policies due include flood coverage and its becoming more and more common to see flood coverage as an endorsement in the main homeowners policy it is important however...


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October 21, 2019 allwyn

Home Insurance During Hurricane Season

Is your business or home in need of insurance that you're not sure where to find? Maybe the quality of your insurance has had a drastic change. Do you live in Miami, FL? If you need to upgrade your insurance or get new business/home insurance, then go with us at Caliber 360, Inc. There is no need for you to look up, "homeowners insurance Florida," or "home insurance Miami." We offer the best solutions to insurance for home, offices, schools, and more. Just think most homes and businesses have water damage insurance but not flood insurance. If your home is...


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August 26, 2019 allwyn

Home Insurance Myths Every Homeowner Should Be Aware Of

You may think you are pro when it comes to homeowner’s insurance, however, there may be some situations that you are completely wrong about. Here at Caliber 360, Inc., our team is here to make sure you are fully aware of the common myths that are out there. We take pride in being one of the best insurance companies near me. Take advantage of our home insurance Miami residents!   Top Insurance Myths To Be Aware Of Home insurance isn’t worth it – it’s a waste of money. Home insurance is a financial safety net that will help you protect...


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June 24, 2019 allwyn

8 Things Not Covered by Home Insurance in Miami

You may think that your home insurance protects you in most ways, however, that is not the case. There are many times when your insurance does not cover you, that you may not be aware of. The experts at Caliber 360, Inc. are here today to shine a light on the top 8 things that are not covered. When it comes to insurance in Miami, we are the best choice.    Home Insurance Miami Residents Can Count On In a perfect world, your home insurance will cover absolutely everything. I mean, you are paying a decent amount of money towards...


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March 15, 2018 ojasya

Caliber 360 insurance agency blog

Welcome to our new insurance agency blog! This is our very first post. We're not quite sure what we're going to write about here, but the plan is to create helpful content for customers and prospective clients about information that is relevant to you. We hope you'll come to view this as a top resource for keeping your family and your finances safe. Here are a few of the topics we may be writing about: Answers to clients' frequently asked questions. Helpful information about insurance shopping. Safety and Health Tips and Ideas. Local Community Information. Stay Tuned!