I have Home Insurance am I still covered if my home is Flooded ?

This is a question I get almost daily in our agency and although seems to be quite easy

to understand many insured get confused most of the time.


Home Insurance and Flood Insurance are 2 types of policies.

The reason why this might be confusing is becuase many homeowners believe homeowners policy

will cover all the damages caused by a hurrican or even other damages such as fire.


Many homeowners policies due include flood coverage and its becoming more and more

common to see flood coverage as an endorsement in the main homeowners policy

it is important however to review your policy and ask your agent if your policy does indeed cover damages related to flood.


How do I know the difference between Flood damage and Wind or Hurricane Damage ?

Well this one is a tricky one! But will do my best to explain.

By definition a flood is an overflow of water that submerges land that is usually dry.  This can be interpreted in different ways

but I will define it as an insurance company will for claim purpose.


The easiest way to know if your home has been flood will be if water trough land flows inside your home trough

any of the home entry point i.e main door, back door.


So what if water is leaked from the roof and due to this leak my home is flooded in water ?

Well technically this will not be covered under a flood policy becuase the water is not coming in from an entry point or

submerge from a dry land.